Martin Slechta
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Time-space bent and we were kids again.

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I've always had a lot of questions, certainly a lot more than answers.

The furthest I've got so far in understanding what I'm trying to capture in photos that are meaningful to me is actually pretty simple. Life. Photography helps me be by making pictures of something that was because by seeing them I understand and want to see more, live more. It is my tool which helps me to connect with life.

Film has been an essential tool in this process and the time I enjoy photography the most is with my 1955 Leica with only 2 functions, because then photography is almost not there and it's just me and that something that is

I hope you can connect with some of my art.


Image on paper is how I enjoy photos the most. I do every step of the developing and darkroom printing process myself, because I want to be a part of the final photograph as much as I can.